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Little People of Pakistan 

The purpose of "Little People of Pakistan" is to create awareness and interaction among the little people of society. This is the first effort in Pakistan to gather such people to form a community where they could discuss their issues in the society and could create healthy interaction among themselves. At present the link among these people is missing in Pakistan. Whereas the number of dwarfism affected people in Pakistan ranges from 9000 to 10,000.

The basic reason that these people don't have any integral community in Pakistan is due to ignorance by Govt or any other public welfare organisations. Moreover, I have observed that these people are shying in having interaction. There is also a majority of little people in Pakistan who are either not educated or don't use the internet. This is also a barrier to access these people.

The parents having such kind of children get worried very soon and find a lot of difficulties to get guidance for their special child. The local doctors have limited knowledge about dwarfism and could not properly satisfy the parents. The parents also worry about their future.

So I have taken a step for betterment of our community to find opportunities for ourselves. It would also provide the proper guidance to the parents. So initially the webpage have been developed containing information about dwarfism and people affected by them. The pages are also published in Urdu, the National Language, for the ease of local people.   

As it is just a start, so I need help from little people of our community from other countries who already have established setups for these people. I would appreciate guidance from these mates.

I would like to thank Mr. Amer Haider from USA running a setup of Growing Stronger. This is an organization who is working on fund raising for research labs having dedicated projects on the discovery of treatments for little people. Mr. Amer encouraged me for practical of this aim. 

Sarmad Rehman                                      Saher Naqvi         
President, Little People of Pakistan            Vice President         

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  1. Welcome and good luck! I have edited the newsletter for Little People of Ontario for about 15 years. How much communication has changed even in this time with so many more people able to access information on the internet. Keep in touch and let us know how we can help.

    1. Apprecieated i am Regional coordnator of LPP. we want to make relationship with Little peope around the world keep intouch apprecieated.

  2. My name is Dr.Shaista Siddiqui and my son Zuraiz has Acromesomelic dysplasia. We are from Pakistan but residing in UAE and part of Little people of UAE. Would like to be part of your organization so let me know the process.

    1. Appreciated :) i am also having Acromesomelic dysplasia which city in pakistan you belong ?
      Qasim Zia
      Regional Coordinator.

  3. We welcome all nations to join Little People of the World Corporation to work together and not against one another to build a better tomorrow for our children. Our organization works to include all nations in new programs, and helping with encouraging government change by working with them. We never have control of any organization.

  4. appreciated.but sadely we are limited medical facilities for little peoples in pakistan. so this reason we are interested to make relationship with other fellow organisations.